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About the Founder

Fabiana Mariano Green

Fabiana is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Lead in Life. She specializes in working with leaders and their teams to optimize their performance in achieving immediate and long-term goals. Fabiana has worked with clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle-East, South and North America in both profit and non-profit sectors. Her experience spans a diverse range of industries including technology, banking, telecommunications and large intergovernmental organizations. She has served clients from organizations such as Nestle, BankBoston, Microsoft, Axtel Telecommunications, British Telecom, the United Nations as well as government officials from several countries, between many others.

Client testimonials

I have been working for more than 25 years for a prestigious international organization, and through all those years of work I have never been so fascinated by a training like the one Fabiana provided to us.

Khaled Saad, Team Leader, Egypt.

Fabiana helped me make the transition at a critical stage in my life. Thanks to her passion and commitment to my success, I am now ready to the new challenge ahead.

Rita Zózimo, Executive Coach, Brazil.

It goes without saying that not only is Fabiana a woman of integrity and class, she also cares for the well-being and personal growth of each member on the course.

Christina Antemie, Life Coach, USA.

Besides the expected results, with her expertise Fabiana brought us to a new perspective that helped me and my peers understand each other better and work closer as a team.

Cristiane de Oliveira, Project Lead, Switzerland.

Every interaction with Fabiana gives me the greatest gift anyone could ever give a person – believing in me. Fabiana has a natural talent for identifying people’s self-limiting beliefs and helping them to confront and overcome them.

Irena Mihova, Creative and Business Provocateur, Switzerland.

I met Fabiana at Live2Lead Geneva. She was one of the two hosts of this amazing event. Fabiana’s leadership skills, her experience in the John Maxwell Team, her dynamism and openness contributed to an enjoyable and inspiring leadership experience.

Vincent Kunz, United Nations, Switzerland.